TWEAKERS Interview / Black Zenith

Welcome to TWEAKERS! We had a chance to do little interview with Singapore based duo Black Zenith who’ve visited Bangkok for the 2nd time for live performance and also lecture at university, talked about their approach of using modular synthesizers and showing us their patches for live improvisation.

Black Zenith is Darren Moore & Brian O’Reilly. The duo performs using analog modular synthesizers & moving images. They produce dense sonic textures that generate live visuals through the transformation of audio signals into images. Black Zenith draws as much influence from noise music & the electroacoustic music tradition as they do from the foundations of abstract video art.

Special thanks to Harmonica

TWEAKERS / DPO meets Octatrack

Welcome to TWEAKERS! Here is our first product demonstration video.

In this video, we introduce how to work with eurorack modular synthesizer, particularly DPO from Make Noise, combine with Elektron Octatrack.
Octatrack’s MIDI track is sequencing modular then modular’s final output is connected to Octatrack’s audio input for realtime sampling.
Sampled sounds are looped and processed to create few different layers then mixed with modular’s direct sound.

VCO : Make Noise DPO, Tiptop Z3000 x 2
VCA : Intellijel uVCA, Doepfer A-131
VCF : Malekko Borg Filter, Intellijel uVCF
Envelope Generator : Make Noise Maths, Doepfer A-140
Mixer : Pittsburgh Mixer
Etc : Doepfer A-147 (LFO), Doepfer A185-2 (Adder), Doepfer A-190-2 (MIDI to CV)

(Other gears)
Elektron Octatrack
Eventide Timefactor
Mackie 1202VLZ Pro

Demonstrator : Koichi Shimizu

TWEAKERS Episode Two / The Sticky Rice

Welcome to TWEAKERS! In this episode, we visit private studio of Thailand based psychedelic dub reggae band The Sticky Rice to introduce their great analog gear collection and how they used them for live and recordings.

The Sticky Rice is a Thailand based 4-piece dub band led by analog synthesizer wizard Puttitorn Taypabood. He started his career as a turntablist for Thai pioneer reggae group T-Bone then joined another legendary reggae group called Kai-Jo Brother as a support guitarist. After spent more than 10 years in a local reggae scene, he finally formed his own group The Sticky Rice with his brother and friends, actively playing show at several events and parties.
They are currently making their debut album and live DVD planned to be released within this year from Thai DIY independent label Panda Records.


Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92 / Aphex Twin

Very end of 80’s, Rave culture was start getting huge popularity in UK and it become massive youth movement of their generation. illegal rave party was held all over the country and DJ introduced House music imported from USA. Soon after House was adopted into various genre of music, band like Primal Scream, Happy Mondays produced groovy rock tunes and even indie kids start dancing.

in 1992, while this movement was still at its peak, “Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92” was released.

Songs were produced in a bedroom studio located UK’s country town Cornwall by Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin, later he earned cult popularity by his one and only music style and bizarre behavior, but what we can hear from this album is his young pure passion and uncontrollable urge of making music (he has mentioned that he used to make at least 3 songs everyday).

Word “Ambient” was still new to young music listeners but this album has strong enough impact to grab listeners attention especially who can’t fit himself into crazy rave scene or club culture. Beat was strongly influenced by Detroit techno but sounds on top were rather soft and deep with lots of reverb, each songs has beautiful melodies instead of using short loops, those essence were clearly different from popular dance tunes at that time and has some kind of similarities with band like My Bloody Valentine.

Soon later Warp released compilation album, “Artificial Intelligence” and introduce home listening electronic music to wider audience and Aphex Twin kept changing his music style on every album, but this album was a blue print of new electronic music of our era and still stays top of it.

Quality of recording is not fantastic compare to electronic music nowadays. Computer was not existed in most bedroom studio at that time so what you can hear is sound of hardware synthesizers and tape noise, it sounds lot more human and warm compare to tunes produced in a computer.

This is one album I strongly recommend to young music listeners.–92

Tweakers Episode One / Montonn Jira

Welcome to TWEAKERS! In our first episode, we would like to introduce you another side of Jay Montonn who has deep knowledges in music production and electronic music gears. Aside from being a famous actor, he’s also a remarkable artist in Thailand’s electronic music scene.

Montonn (Jay) Jira : is best known for his multi-genre crossing productions and forward thinking performances. Having studied music composition and production abroad, he has also expanded his knowledge into sound design for music and film, and has returned to Thailand as “The Producer” to watch out for.

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